SportsEngine Registration: CUP Hockey League

2022-2023 CUP League Website Reps



Welcome to the CUP League registration system for team Website Representatives.

On the next page, you will be asked who you are registering.  Please select "Self", which should be the first line with your name on it.

The page after that will have a drop-down menu where you can select your association, age level, gender, and enter your team name and your contact information.  

If you are volunteering to report scores for multiple teams, you need to go through the registration for each team.  You can do this by selecting "register another person" before clicking "submit registration" at the end of the process. The "other person" will be yourself, and we have allowed multiple registrations per person for this purpose.  Or, you can submit the registration and start the process over again for the new teams.

After this process is completed, Walt will change your permissions so you can edit your team pages and report scores, and he will send you an e-mail when this is done.  If you don't hear back (or get access) within 2-3 days, please don't be shy about pestering him via e-mail.  


Walt Milligan

MAHA District 8 Secretary/Webmaster, CUP League Secretary/Statistician/Webmaster